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We provide quality garage door opener & services at the very affordable price.

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Top Rated

Affordable Top Rated Garage Door Opener is a top rated service provider in Alabama.

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Best Seller

We are one of the best sellers of Garage Door and Garage Door opener in the industry.

Superior Garage Door Openers

Delivering best-in-class performance, our Elite Series® Garage Door Openers are equipped with top-notch, innovative features to simplify your life, keep you connected to your home and provide peace of mind.

Belt Drive – This type is the quietest product on the market, and the belts will normally last for the lifetime of the unit. As these are considered “top of the range” they are generally more expensive than their alternatives.

Screw Drive – This type of opener uses a lifting mechanism which itself moves along a threaded rod. Because they have very few moving parts, they require low amounts of maintenance, and they are not as quiet as the other alternatives and can be affected by cold weather climates sometimes.

Chain Drive – This opener type is the industry standard and is highly reliable. It is the cheapest option which is why they are such a popular choice. These are best used in locations where your garage is not connected to your home.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

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Affordable Top Rated Garage Door Opener Installation

Either for convenience or to save space, many garage doors are the ‘up and over’ type, and these are normally fitted with automatic garage door openers. Although these can make your life much easier, they are also the main point of access which requires maintenance and repair. Usually from old age and/or lots of weather.

As part of our commitment, we depend on LiftMaster products which we know will provide you with many years of quality service.

Garage Door Opener Installation Mechanism

When looking for a new garage door opener, we offer the three main types, and each have their own benefits which will depend on the type of garage door installation you have.

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Opener Repair

Our skilled technicians can repair any type and model of garage door opener no matter what the problem, and in the case of openers which meet UL325 specifications it is often found that your motor can be repaired rather than replaced.

Each of our repairs starts with an inspection which highlights the problem. Once we have done this, our experts will provide a detailed quote for repair, or in worst case scenarios, an installation of a new opener.

Once you have viewed this quotation you can then make a decision and if you proceed, the price you see is the price you pay… we never come up with hidden extras or additional charges.

So, if you are in need of an opener installation or repair, we constantly aim for customer satisfaction. We always offer the correct opener which meets your needs, and we know that we have the best products available, and the expertise to install them too.

Whatever location you are situated, be it Alabama state or the surrounding areas, you will find that our services and our first class after sales service will never leave you out in the cold.

I was really impressed with the response, called me within moments of filling out the request online, they came out the next day and did the job.

Elizabeth M. in Bessemer, AL

Project: Install or Replace a Garage Door Opener

Greg was very courteous, professional, and prompt! He replaced my garage door opener and did a couple of other things to ensure everything was working as it should before he left. Definitely will recommend to others in my neighborhood. Great job!!!

Eunita R. in Birmingham, AL

Project: Repair or Adjust a Garage Door Opener

Communicating with systems and other servicesI nmmust say that Mr. Dodson is a true profrssional and that he understand what it is to make sure that the customer is happy and that the company is well reped welled.

Charles J. in Birmingham, AL

Project: Install or Replace a Garage Door Opener

These people actually care about their service to you. If you aren’t happy with something, tell them and they will try their best to make it right. I wish ALL companies did business this way.

Carol M. in Bessemer, AL

Project: Repair or Adjust a Garage Door Opener